• Business RadioX®

    Build Relationships, Grow Your Business

  • "The show on BRX has become “my thing” for building my CEO following. In just a few short months, I’ve gained access to new relationships, deepened the ones I already have, and built credibility and awareness with CEOs in Atlanta. I can say without hesitation working with Business RadioX is one of the best business decisions I ever made.”

    Soyini Coke
    Annona Enterprises

  • "Thank you very much for the opportunity of having us on your show today. We really enjoyed the discussion and were glad to be a part of the Technology Leaders segment. We will be posting the clip on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as leveraging the Business RadioX Interview sharing suggestions."

    Dara Solomon
    Satori Interactive

  • "Sterling Rose Consulting would like to thank @BusinessRadioX and @MikeSammond. Because of them we landed a new client all the way from Colombia."

    Vlad Rusz
    Sterling Rose Consulting

  • We Provide Guaranteed Results . . .

    Real Relationships

    People who write you checks, people who introduce you to people who write you checks, and thought leaders in your target market who can use their influence to quickly move the needle in your business

  • Some Other Cool Stuff That Comes Along For The Ride . . .


    Fresh Pages

    Original Search Optimized Content


    Hearts & Minds

    Engaged With Your Content


    Eyes & Ears

    Reached With Your Message

  • Under The Hood

    In order to deliver these guaranteed results, we employ a variety of tools and strategies including but not limited to:

    • In-Studio Radio Experiences
    • On-Site Radio Experiences
    • Live Broadcasts
    • Pre-recorded Segments
    • Archived Content
    • Transcription
    • 24/7 Channel
    • Dedicated Show Website
    • Press Releases
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Guest Outreach & Follow-Up
    • Live Reads
    • Audio Newsletters
    • Custom Intros / Outros
    • Signage
  • This Is Not Your Grandpa's Radio

    . . . the dead and dying model of shouting commercial messages to masses of people commuting to work and driving their kids to soccer practice.

    This is highly targeted Pro-Business, Earned Media -- featuring “Long-Form” interviews and in-depth conversations with local Business Leaders — reaching 100% intentional and engaged listeners. For that reason, we typically far out-pace AM / FM Business Talk in terms of actually moving the needle for Guests and Sponsors in the markets we serve.


    We define “Moving The Needle” as actual increases in:

    • Number & Quality Of Relationships
    • Volume & Pace Of New Revenue
    • Depth & Breadth Of Practical Thought Leadership

    Our Audience:

    • College Educated
    • Affluent
    • Executives
    • People Who Build New Relationships to grow their business
    • People Who Write Checks to people like you to solve important problems and capitalize on new opportunities

    Your Audience: Will be a highly targeted subset of our audience -- and in many cases, sitting across the table from you.


    If you still want to supplement our work together with a traditional "media buy" in a more conventional outlet, we won't try to stop you . . . Go For It . . . and we'll look forward to comparing results.


    *** Reminder: Our Results are Real Relationships -- Guaranteed.


  • Do The Math, And Then Let's Talk

    Once you are in a Real Relationship . . .

    1.  What Is Your Conversion Ratio (2 in 10, 4 in 10, lower / higher?)
    2.  How Much Is Your Average Sale?
    3.  How Much Is Your Average Customer Lifetime Value?

    Marketing . . .

    1.  How much are you currently spending to create Original Content?
    2.  How much are you spending to promote / distribute Original Content?

    Prospecting . . .

    1.  How much are you currently spending to secure a prospect meeting?
    2.  How long does it take you to build a prospect into a Real Relationship?

    Serving & Selling . . .

    1. Is your team serving and selling with genuine insight?
    2. Are they enjoying true peer-level relationships?
    With our platform and our counsel, we can get your team above the fray of interruption marketing, "propose & pray" prospecting, and vendor-level selling.
    The results are much faster, the margins much better, and the work a great deal more rewarding at this end of the pool. Come Join Us -- or at least let's talk about it . . .

  • Let's Talk

    I'd like to learn more about this unique platform and

    Sponsoring a Business RadioX ® show.


    Let's set up a visit to talk the idea through . . .